“This system enables us to bench mark our performance against the best steel producer in the world. We want to be the best in the world.”

– Sanjeev Manocha – Senior Manager of Production Improvement and Project of National Steel ATG


The system provides a wide range tools for producing a comprehensive production performance statistics. This helps the management to

  • Measure the production performance using the KPI
  • Easily identify the problem area or equipment
  • Identify the potentials and savings

The reporting tool includes

  • One button click Daily Production Summary
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Life Tracking Report
  • Delay analysis
  • Consumable consumptions
  • Energy usage and cost
  • Daily Shift Report
  • Life tracking provides the up-to-date life of each component on EAF, LF, Ladle, Tundish and Mould
  • Consumption module records all consumables used in each heat such as Oxygen, Natural Gas, Carbon, Lime and Alloy additions
  • Daily Delay Report gives the breakdown analysis not only on delay time but also the operation time such as Charging time, Tapping time and Taphole time etc.