“This system enables us to bench mark our performance against the best steel producer in the world. We want to be the best in the world.”

– Sanjeev Manocha – Senior Manager of Production Improvement and Project of National Steel ATG

Products | Rolling Mill MES System



The Rolling Mill MES System is a management tool that enables the mill management to plan, measure, compare and most importantly improve the rolling mill production. It can also improve the mill management efficiency by making people from sales, planning, warehouse , production management, machine shop to rolling crew, delivery management and maintenance working as a team via the system. The main benefits are

  • Effective Mill Production Planning
  • Standard Mill Setup and Practices
  • Accurate measurement
    • Material balance and yield
    • Operation performance
    • Quality
    • Consumptions
    • Product change efficiency
  • Effective roll shop management
  • Real time production monitoring
  • Comprehensive production performance analysis and reporting
  • Production cost analysis and prediction